Euphoria, Elation, Exhilaration

"Act my age? What the fuck is that, 'act my age'? What do I care how old I am? The Ocean is old as fuck. It will still drown your ass with vigor." What does it mean to 'have your shit together'? Per definition, it's to get one's thoughts and/or possessions organized. But how do … Continue reading Euphoria, Elation, Exhilaration


10 Ways Traveling Heals

Recently, I binge watched Jane the Virgin and picked up the line: To have faith is to banish doubt. Makes sense. If I have faith in you, I relinquish all uncertainties I have of you; I believe in you without questioning or hesitating. Many times we get 'stuck' in life by our own ambiguities; whether it be … Continue reading 10 Ways Traveling Heals