Worth the Whim

The only time I bought a one way flight on the same day of departure was for a family emergency last summer. It was frantic and sudden, more worrisome than exciting.

REWIND: The day before I left to Puerto Rico, I got into a minor car collision. A lady ran a red light and kissed my passenger side with her green beetle. She drove off and I spent the next three hours filing a police report.

Fast forward three months later: the dents and scuffs were going to take three days to repair and paint. I was going to work from home W,R,F and have my car back for the weekend. Except, the day they took my car, the repair man said he’d likely have the car until Monday morning now.

Wait, what? So I won’t have a car for five days? Well, bum. REWIND: the boyfriend had been working in Texas for about two weeks already. I jokingly text him that I mind as well be working remotely from his hotel room since I’m car-less either way.

And boy does an idea catch fire real quick. I looked at tickets from Denver to Dallas and they were extremely cheaper than I expected. A few more messages were exchanged and next thing you know, “I’ll see you tonight!” Flight was in four hours and I had better get packing. What a Wednesday!

I spent the next two days in his hotel suite in Decatur, Texas. A bleak, diesel pick up truck town, an hour northwest of Dallas. I asked Isaac what to do and he said, you could walk to Walmart. Eh. I would go outside and sit for a while to get some sunbeams. I hit the hotel gym. The pool was “closed” because it was winter, although the fountains were flowing and it was 70 degrees out. Isaac did persuade the lobby lady to let us use the hot tub one night though. Let’s just say I got a lot of work done.

I only left the premises for dinner when Isaac was back from work. We hit up the good ol’ “Eighter from Decatur” court house, which looked like a castle and had rope lights from the tip of its roof attached to the light posts surrounding it.

Isaac had to work on Sunday, so I bought my return flight to Denver for Saturday night. I used my Chase rewards for an American Airlines flight. I signed in to my AA account to pick my seat but it was giving me an error that I didn’t pay for the flight. Turns out, it takes four hours to get the full transaction through. It also turned out that within those 30 minutes of talking to Customer Service about the issue – the price went down $40. So, I cancelled with Chase (no penalty or fees) and straight out bought the ticket again at a lower price. Score.

Saturday was our day in Dallas. Ate lunch at a place called YO Steakhouse.

Spent some time at the Dallas World Aquarium. We went through the whole place, forgetting they had an octopus. So after the gift shop, we went back in specifically to go find the octopus – which was strategically well camouflaged and hidden under a coral shelf. I only found it by crouching down and spotting its eye glaring at us. So cool.

Then we met up with a couple, Amanda and Drew, who were actually one of my first friends I made in Denver.

REWIND: When Isaac and I started dating, he planned a mountain trip over labor day weekend. I had Rockies tickets to give away, which were going to Amanda and Drew. We ended up cooking breakfast at their house before our trip up to Fort Collins. Since then, Amanda and Drew sold their house and moved to Dallas. Of course I wanted to see them!


Moscow Mule Flights

We had dinner at a place called Cedar Grove. When I read their website, I pictured real cedar trees in their restaurant. But in reality, they built tree silhouettes with cedar wood. Ha.

REWIND: I had been pescetarian for two months.

I broke the streak at this restaurant: on kobe beef egg rolls and bacon pizza.

I always told Isaac that it’s not a goal, to not eat meat. I knew I would eat meat eventually again. I made an analogy to his beard. He decided to just grow it out one day. He’s going to shave it at some point. When? Who knows. There’s no specific reason and no real goal to accomplish. It was just a decision on the whim.

Sometimes life is great on an impulse. Nothing planned, nothing expected. No over thinking or judgement. You accept the circumstances and take advantage of it. Thats how we change, we grow, and have experiences. I love it.


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