About Daisy

Just a Midwestern Minnesota gal who’s officially reached my mid-twenties. Currently residing in Colorado, taking on personal projects to learn more about myself. It’s been quite the adventure from who I was to who I am to who I will be. I’ve made my trek around the world but wouldn’t call myself an expert on travelling. I am getting there though; slowly, but surely.


At the age of 24, I was living in a shell; comfortable yet, definitely not to my full potential. With 25 around the corner, I finally accepted that I needed to molt. Next thing you know, I dropped my entire life in Minnesota and moved to a new city to start from scratch. No family, no home, no job, and no idea what to do – just unknown territory that I needed to navigate through.

It’s been a year now and all I can say is, what happened was likely exactly what needed to happen. The ups, the downs, the sharp turns, the circles, the turn-arounds; all of it was necessary. Doing it on my own, I had to force myself to build up my confidence in order to become vulnerable which allowed me to not limit myself and leap into open opportunities. I essentially became a yes person.

Currently living in a beautiful apartment, working in clinical research for the medical device industry, and spending spare time volunteering as a testing counselor at a sexual health facility. I’ve found hobbies, learned what I like, challenged my physical strength, and have pushed myself to keep trying more things in order to continue growing. I am still in progress and will always be for the rest of my life. Cheers to whatever’s coming next, no matter how big or how small.

Most importantly, I would like to give many thanks to every single person that has taken some time out of their busy lives to read about my wonders and wanders. I only hope to pass knowledge, encouragement, and laughs into your life. Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment on any of my pages or posts.


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