Live, Love, & Laugh … Literally!


There are some things in life that you just can’t help giggle about. Here I am, 27 years old with paper towels stuffed in my boots underneath my sock-less feet, dried blood crusted in my nostrils, a rumbling hungry tummy, and a bright red scuffed up chin. Yup, I know, haha, a b s o l u t e l y attractive 😉 😉

Well! At least my nose isn’t actively bleeding anymore from dehydration. And the zit on my chin has someone drained. Oh, and I no longer smell like a months worth of compost from the rotten juice that spilled on my flats this morning. My feet have been washed in the locker room bathroom and luckily there was another pair of shoes in my car.

Boy, am I the definition of adulting or what? Just how did I get a guy to like me enough to ask me to be his girlfriend?


A month ago today, I moved in to relationshiptown after housing myself in singlehood for 2.5 years. And in TWO days, we will be going to Puerto Rico together. This means, for 10 days straight, we will be eating, sleeping, sunbathing, dancing, and pooping by each other.

I told him that I was just a tiny itty bit nervous because, to me, bowel movements seem to be more of a hump to get over than seeing each other naked, ha. But who am I kidding? I plan on keeping him in my life, so it’s inevitable. Plus, we are such great partners in crime, I am extremely excited to stack up more experiences together.

There’s been so much growth and learning since my last relationship. The expectations, the insecurity, the doubts; it’s all so clear why things just didn’t work out back then. And also clear on how it is totally working out now. I have never felt so much more like me before; felt so much love for myself. Sure, I still struggle with a few things, but that’s being human.


And human, I am, as there are nonfunctional days like this morning, and then some other days with impacting hardships; but my attitude towards life has been a prosperous investment. Not to say I have become the most easy-going girl ever, but at least I am trying. I’ve become more patient, appreciative, outgoing, kinder, gentler, and generally happier. I have never laughed so often, loved so hard, and lived so freely before; I must be doing something right?


Today was a good day as I did all of the above, not figuratively or metaphorically, but by definition, actually and truly. With that being said, Puerto Rico is going to be a blast! It’s as simple as laughing, loving, and living.


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