That Sounds Nice

Where are we going anyways?

Does it even matter?

You know what’s one of my favorite moments?

When you’re laying lethargically on a desolate beach, eyes closed with the sun kissing your skin, and everything around has drowned into the subconscious – except for one thing: the ocean waves. You can hear the rush of water run over the sand and then the ocean retracts it back into its body. There’s a split second between the push and the pull, a break on the surface that is utterly and completely silent. That moment. It sounds like peace.


I am entirely obsessed with Dan the Director‘s YouTube Video. His work is beautiful.

I am still trying to figure out who I am, how to live. I am in my head a lot. I fight it off with double espressos in the mornings, fresh air on my face; I want to learn to dance. I’ve been to many places but still searching for something more; to push through my anxieties, to accomplish something beautiful.

I rise above the surface of moving water; drops trickling like a curtain covering my vision as I take a life time to [listen]. As my eyes [lift], my heart sinks to the depths of the ocean that has awoken beneath; fear creeps in and slowly burns away my courage. Time stops and I try to navigate this ocean. My love towards it has guided me here. It’s an instinct we challenge. Much like stepping off the edge of a cliff, we attempt to overcome the route of rationality. We know exactly what we do, driving to these locations, just to ultimately realize, with every decision, I have the power to cut the ties of fears strong hold, [end it].

Fear is a funny thing, traveling with no direction, no cell phone, I feel like it could take over any time. But it forces us to observe the landscape with a different eye. When we’re in trouble, the locals always give a helping hand; maybe that’s the true essence of traveling, being dependent on the people you meet, opening yourself, learning about their culture, what makes them unique, what makes us all the same.

We’ve gone in full circle to find ourselves where we first started. But this time around, we felt closer to what we are. And we have memories to remind us that it’s out there; our dreams, waiting for us to get out of our shells. Long live the young at heart, you know who you are. With your spirit burning, take a risk, take a chance, carry on. Long live the souls set free, don’t be afraid to dream. While the world is still turning, every moment, make it happen. With two left feet, keep on dancing, beat by beat, breath by breath, walking hand in hand, step by step.

Oh, and happy one year anniversary to Before I Push Up Daisies on WordPress today!


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