Santa Barbara Bruises

Here is recap on how (normally) hectic my life has been:

CaptureSunday, July 10th, I officially packed up my one bedroom apartment and moved it all into storage. At 5 am on Thursday, July 14th, I flew out of Denver and landed in Savannah. Flying east always takes a whole day; from flight duration to time zone change. Afternoon of Friday, July 15th was the start of a 20 hour road trip to Minnesota. After driving the entire night with a cat in the car, finally arrived to my parents house on Saturday, July 16th around 9 am. In less than 48 hours, got to the airport early Monday morning and headed out to Santa Barbara.

Monday, July 18th

Got to Santa Barbara late afternoon and googled some hikes. I came across a blog about “Pine Ridge Trail”, posted on Everyday Runaway. The pictures posted were gorgeous and it seemed pretty short for a sunset hike. HA! Well, Daisy. The entrance was unmarked, off the side of a street. I only figured out the first couple of meters by following shoe prints. The sandy inclined trail was no wider than a foot, snuggled in between and beneath brush, shrub, and trees. It opened into a field of tall boulders; which I climbed all over, wedging between tight rock faces and squeezing through tunnels. It was seriously tons of fun and that view though…


Alright, dusk was upon me; time to make my way back. I turned around and… no idea where to go. I was standing on top of a boulder, looking down to only green, with not a single patch of dirt leading as a trail. Well, general rule: if you climbed up, climb back down; if you went west, go back east. Except, I went in 23980436295 different circles; not because of navigation, but because of blockage: dead tree trunks, thorn bushes, sharp skinny twigs. A half hour later, still no trail and the sky was darkening.

My trigger moment was when I slipped four feet into a ditch and ended with an umbrella of branches over me. I am not a tall person. Panic mode: on. My body started shaking and my breath grew faster. After a few seconds observing my situation, I burst out of the ditch; powering through cuts, scratches, and pain. I didn’t care how much skin was being scraped, I knew the direction I needed to go and shoved my way out. Finally, like a baby coming out a birth canal, I popped right into a section of a sandy trail. I ran the rest of the trail in the dark and was about ready to puke when I got to my car.

You know, now that I look at the ‘Rocky Pine Ridge’ google results again, they say: “some boulder hopping involved and possibility of losing the trail”; “short, but not easy with many opportunities to lose the trail”;”extreme use of navigational skills”; and, “can get lost as hazardous washout destroyed parts of trail”. ALL TRUE! I don’t regret it though.

Tuesday, July 19th

The next day, I wanted to go out and about after dinner, but physically: I was suffering. Every scratch was scabbing, ever muscle was throbbing, every bruise was deepening; I was aching. I was absolutely thankful, however, that I didn’t break out in rashes or hives; meaning no poison and no allergic reactions. No ticks! But anyway, I ended up sprawled out like a starfish in bed and watched Star Trek till I fell asleep.

Wednesday, July 20th

The following evening, I treated myself to a pound of king crab and headed out to Knapp’s Castle. Based on my research, the trail was very simple with a beautiful view. Well, that was true but another word to describe it is also: busy. It was overcrowded with what looked like a tour of teenagers there, roughly 20 of them lounging around, taking selfies. No descent photo could be taken of the ruins and view without someone in the way.


Thursday, July 21st

For my last night in Santa Barbara, I stuck to the beach. I had an amazing risotto dinner and walked the harbor where I watched the sunset from Point Castillo. Since Santa Ynez runs east to west, the beach faces south, making the sunset actually behind you instead of in front of you. It takes a twist! So not only do you have the ocean sunset, but you have the boats in the harbor, palm trees on land, and the mountain range; absolutely scenic:


Friday, July 22nd-Sunday, July 24th

My Santa Barbara trip concluded with a flight out to Seattle. I spent the weekend there with Nick (from my Boston blurb). How do you remember things? Write them down. So here’s some tidbits that might not make sense to the public but sentimental to me: AirBnb, eBikes, bluetooth speaker, I am American, Pikes Place Market, homeless on drugs, walking, wine tasting, cheese, Pacific Science Center, farts, greek yogurt, bubble gum, dating, clubbing, udon noodles, Space needle, Mount Rainier, opt out, how to mean, and most importantly: cephalopods.


Wednesday, July 24th-Sunday, July 31st

I am currently house-sitting three dogs and two cats in Pine, Colorado; roughly 1-1.5 hours southwest of Denver metro. It’s peaceful, quiet, and high up in elevation with gorgeous mountain peak views. Come Monday, I’ll be receiving my keys to the new condo I am moving into.

The life of Daisy! It sure ain’t boring.

Imagine if I told every story and if you knew all the details! Until next time, xoxo.


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