24 Hours in LA

First things first, the traffic: it’s ridiculous.
Didn’t travel more than 8.1 miles at a time and each drive took at minimum 25 minutes.

LA doesn’t appeal to me as significantly as other California cities however, since the trip was essentially ‘free‘, who am I to decline that travel opportunity? And boy, did those 24 hours get utilized efficiently.

IMG_2416 In 2011, I made a trip up to LA from San Diego, swept through Universal Studios, caught a sight of Chinatown, walked down Hollywood Boulevard, and got late night drinks at a very expensive rooftop. In 2013, I did a road trip, north on the 5 and south on the 1 between San Diego and San Francisco, stopping in LA for a Dodger’s game against the SF Tigers and some drinks in downtown. Overall amazing experiences however, for some reason, not ever compelled to stay in LA for more than a day or two.

This recent trip reaffirms the notion. Of course, the stay could have been extended, but I didn’t have the motive to do it. Even if it were stretched out, it would have been to San Diego post 24 hours in LA anyway. The trip revolved around a one hour meeting with physicians at UCLA. So, in all honesty, the trip could have been shorter than 24 hours as well.

First 12 hours: LACMA Urban Lights, Dinner at chef Michael Voltaggio’s Ink, Gelato at Amorino in Beverly Hills

Last 12 hours: UCLA Campus, Santa Monica Pier (yes, rode the pier’s West Coaster), First In-N-Out Animal Style experience


I’ve been on two trips since I’ve last written in February (Cozumel in March, Minnesota in April), so with a more recent trip on my mind, I just wanted to jot this down and note:

24 hours is enough time when you don’t have much of an agenda

Looking back at the 2011 visit, to the 2013 visit, to last week’s visit, there’s been a drastic change in the way I experience travel. Being on the move, back to back action in such short time frames have not changed however, it has become less and less demanding.

Now of course, there are a lot of factors that have altered this perspective in time, but I just wanted to remind myself that 1-3 day trips CAN be just as lovely as 1-2 week long trips with the right mindset and attitude. Lose the expectations, the control, and just know, the experience you have is the one you choose to have.

For example… My friend Blake train hopped his way from Salt Lake City to visit me in Denver a few days ago. I told him about the one time I really wanted to see Salt Lake City, so one day I drove out there by myself, stayed for 24 hours, and drove back. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t know where to go; all I wanted was to be there. In the end, I made friends, went to a cool art festival, hiked Big Cottonwood, and learned more about the city than I would have if I never went.


Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.

John Keats


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